6 Tips for wedding dress shopping

ready to go wedding dress shopping

6 Tips for wedding dress shopping

Ready to go wedding dress shopping? Here’s a guide to make the experience more enjoyable.

1. An open mind

What looks great in magazines and online, may not necessarily suit you and that’s totally okay. Make sure you try on various dress shapes and styles, often look completely different on than they do on the racks and you may be completely surprised by what suits you. Listen to your heart, if you feel amazing in the dress you pick, it will inevitably show and turn heads on the day. Also, allow yourself to be guided by the designer or consultant. They see hundreds of women in dresses and may be able to suggest some styles that you’d never consider yourself, but that will look incredible on you.

2. Support & Guidance

Take a moment and think about who you invite to your dress shopping appointments. Who knows you inside out? Whose opinion do you value and trust the most? Who will be honest, constructive, and ultimately help you decide on a dress? And finally, who is wonderful at making your feel good and will bring warm energy?

3. Wear the right underwear

The right knickers can make a big difference when trying on dresses. On the day wear a pair of skin coloured laser cut numbers and a nude strapless bra – it will work wonders for you and give you a much more accurate idea of how the dress fits you. 

4. Come feeling good

Before you even step into the bridal boutique, put a bit of effort in to make yourself feel great. While you shouldn’t come with a face full of makeup or a fake tan (it can rub off on gowns), if your hair is loosely in a version of how you intend to wear it on your wedding day and you have gorgeous shoes on, it will make a difference.

5. The experience

Make the experience an enjoyable one and take along a bottle of bubbles and some treats. Just be mindful that different boutiques have different rules, so be sure to check this OK beforehand.

7. Take photos

Get your support crew to photograph each dress on you from several different angles. A photo can give a whole different perspective and make the decision an obvious one.

6. Don’t rush

This is a big decision and one you need to be 100% comfortable with your choice. Don’t feel as though you must rush or decide on the day, reflection can be a good thing.  Take a few days to think about it, look back over the photos and think about what dress made you feel you feel beautiful? You’ll know when you find the right one!

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