Terms & Conditions


  • A $500 confirmation fee is required to secure your booking, this will be invoiced and to be paid within 10 working days.
  • The remainder of the fee (including the bond) is invoiced 90 days prior to the booking & to be paid within 10 working days.
  • The $1000 Bond is to cover insurance excess for any damage/ theft to the property or contents by any parties using the premises. Where any damage/theft is less than this amount only the actual cost will be charged. It is the sole decision of Taupo Retreats whether replacement or repairs shall be undertaken.
  • If a booking is cancelled the $500 confirmation fee will not be refunded.
  • A wedding date can be transferred for no charge, providing 2 months’ notice is given and the property is available on those dates.
  • Children are included in the guest number and will be charged per head the same as adults.


  • Our home is smoke free inside and we ask that you respect this. Smoking is fine outside if ashtrays are used.
  • If your guests become intoxicated, we encourage them to either slow their rate of alcohol consumption, have something to eat or perhaps call it a night and call a taxi. 
  • Taupo Retreats has an internal and external sound system for music via Spotify playlists, either your own or our in-house selection. Bands and general DJ’s are welcome. Please remember we are surrounded by private homes and music levels must remain reasonable with loud music finishing at 11pm.
  • Parking at the house is limited, so we request only the bridal party park there. This will leave room for suppliers and quest drop off. Guests are requested to park on Gillespie Place and Mapara Road, please be mindful that this is a residential area and we want to respect our neighbours’ access.


  • All site visits are by appointment only, this includes a wedding rehearsal and returning to Taupo Retreats following the event to collect any items left. 
  • A rehearsal time needs to be booked before the event; you will have two hours for your rehearsal.
  • Site access on the day of your wedding is from 10am.


Set up and pack up of any additional decoration is your responsibly. We do ask that you please run past us your plans so we can confirm that it is all okay and not likely to damage any of our property. These decorations must be removed at the end of your function. All decorating can be done the day prior to function from 10am – 3pm and on the day of the wedding from 10am onwards.

  • All candles must not be placed too close to any walls or under floral arrangements.
  • Anything hung inside the villa or cottage may be done with either blue-tack or 3M removable products. No pins, staples or cello tape.
  • The release of paper fire lanterns is prohibited.
  • If there are no fire bans in place at the time of your function, then the use of fireworks is okay before 10pm. 


All florists, cake bakers, prop stagers etc may have site access from 10am – 3pm the day prior to your function and 10am on the day of your wedding. Service providers such as caterers and bands must remove all their equipment by the end of your function. If any of their property remains on site after your function it will be stored at their own risk. An appointment will need to be made to pick up these items. Taupo Retreats accept no liability for any loss or damage caused to contracted party’s property.


  • All clients, their guests and any contracted workers use the venue at their own risk. While every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of you and your guests Taupo Retreats owners will not be held responsible for any loss of damage to property (including vehicles) or injury to any person.
  • The client shall be responsible for the Health and Safety of all those attending the event. 
  • Children under 14 years must always be supervised by an adult.


By completing this online form you are acknowledging that you have read and understood all of Taupo Retreats Terms and Conditions and that you agree to adhere to them.

Our terms & conditions can be downloaded here.